Trouble with GitLab upgrade

logoThe GitLab version I was running was not the latest one: it was the 8.15.1-ce.0 while the 9.2.1-ce.0 has been available for a few days now. So I decided to upgrade. But I faced a problem: a 500 error page was displayed after the upgrade.

Android reference material

Are you a robot?

From time to time, I'm contacted by a recruitment agency through LinkedIn. The recruiter usually sends me a LinkedIn e-mail, telling me how (s)he is impressed by my profile. And (s)he offers me to contact him/her about a fantastic job opportunity that (s)he thinks I am a good fit for. The job is then described in a few lines.

GitLab: Docker container + HTTPS + SSH + reverse proxy

GitLabI had been running GitLab in a Docker container for a while now. And it was time to review the installation. Firstly, it was four version late at least. Secondly, I wanted to switch it to HTTPS. Thirdly, I wanted to provide SSH access to git. As I run several other dockerized web applications on my server, I use jwilder's nginx reverse proxy. After some tests (thanks to Docker!), I found one working configuration. And here are the steps I followed to upgrade:


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